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About Us

Combining the two disciplines of Yoga and health coaching, Pat Leitzen Fye, Founder and Owner of Your Core Being, developed the concept of a Wellness Collaborative in early 2013. Working independently as both a Yoga teacher and Integrative Health Coach, she quickly found a need to bring these services and others to a bricks and mortar space. In October of 2013, the doors to Your Core Being - A Wellness Collaborative, opened.

At Your Core Being, we believe that wellness is more than just the absence of illness. It's a combination of physical health, emotional wellbeing, spiritual depth, and mental acuity attained and maintained through movement of the body, eating and enjoying Real Food, managing stress, and developing strong loving relationships with family, friends and community.

Long a believer in community building, Pat's hope for Your Core Being is that the students, customers and shoppers who come into the Wellness Collaborative feel a sense of wellbeing and welcoming while also feeling comfortable, relaxed, and well-served. To the yoga studio and health coaching, she added wellness services, massage and skin care to enhance the wellness of body and mind. And the Wellness Market, a shop filled with products to serve not just our customers wellness, but the wellness of the community and the world at large. Our goal with the marketplace is to provide products of high quality, organic, and free of unnecessary and unhealthy chemicals, sourced sustainably, locally and regionally, as well as Fair Trade products from all over the world.


Pat Leizen Fye - Founder and Owner of Your Core Being